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Baked Goods Menu

The Bread Rack

Country Sourdough

Mild sourdough leavened boule with a thick, chewy crust. Excellent schmeared with butter and jam

Rustic Whole Wheat

Unadulterated whole wheat flavor with no added sugars

Olive-Walnut Boule

Kalamata olive and toasted walnuts with hints of herb and lemon

French Batard

Yeasty bread with dense, moist crumb

Toasted Sesame

Distinct sesame flavor. A favorite for toast and grilled cheese

Cinnamon Loaf

The ultimate bread for French toast

Brioche Rolls (6)

Buttery, tender crumb. Great for savory or sweet fillings or on the table for dinner rolls

The Pastry Case


Buttery, classic crescent roll

Pan Au Chocolat Croissant

Classic crescent roll filled with bittersweet chocolate

Lemon Bar

Sweet and tangy lemon filling with buttery crust


Delicate shortbread with orange zest

Cinnamon Roll

Cream cheese-butter frosting over brown sugar and cinnamon filled pinwheel. Warm for maximum goodness

Toasted Coconut Raspberry Chocolate Bars

Perfect for a day on the trail or slopes. Throw a couple in your pack for an extra boost

Apple Pie

Flaky pastry, with cinnamon-brown sugar and Granny Smith apple filling

Ultimate Oatmeal Cookie

Dried Bing cherries, chocolate chips, and walnuts

ALLERGEN NOTICE: Please be advised that food prepared and served here may contain Wheat, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Milk, Soybean, Peanuts, Fish, and Shellfish. If you allergic to any of these items and are unsure whether a menu items contains one or more of these foods, please ask an employee for an ingredient list.