This Position is Currently Closed


Job Description

This fast-paced position requires excellent organizational and communication skills as well as attention to detail.

Viable candidates will be able to assist and interact with customers, take orders and deliver food and drinks to tables, describe and recommend dishes, clear tables, ensure dining room cleanliness. Excellent people skills required with a focus on customer accommodation.


A “team” environment will require that all employees work in unison to provide our guests with positive experiences.

All waitstaff must be cordial and professional with an ability to multitask. You will be the main contact between the café and our customers, so you know how to project an attentive and positive “image”. You will be good at “reading” people and their moods and offer service that satisfies those varying moods.

You should have a general understanding of proper food handling standards and procedures. You thrive in a “clean as you go” environment that is organized and functional. Even though attire is “casual”, employees must come to work in clean, fresh clothes and have a high standard for personal hygiene.

Employees must be level-headed with a courteous and personable demeanor, anticipating direct contact with our customers. Must have the “customer is always right” attitude and not feel put out by customer requests. You understand the importance of excellent customer service in today's world of instant social media reviews and feedback.

Physical Requirements

Bending, reaching, lifting (-=30lbs.), laughing, and standing for extensive periods of time. This position requires the ability to understand and fluently speak English.

Good Habit Notice

1 Fine Café loves people that ride bicycles to work, hike, ski, backpack, and celebrate responsibly. If this sounds like you, please contact us.

Bad Habit Notice

1 Fine Café is a tobacco and vape-free environment.